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Domestic Roof Cleaning

Why should I have my roof cleaned?

Moss, algae and lichens retain moisture upon your roof and can damage the roof in cold  conditions.

Moss can grow under the tiles and eventually as they grow they can push up the tiles causing cracks and tiles to slip. Often the damage becomes apparent in heavy rain or snow...precisely the time you dont want to have your property damaged by the ingress of water
If roof tiles retain water due to moss and lichens they can become porous and reduce the lifespan of the tiles

 Ridge tiles need to be inspected to ensure they have not become loose and any flashing needs to be inspected and any maintenance carried out

 Remember that when water leaks through your roof that it can cause damage and rot to rafters as well as damaging furnishings and valuables within your home

 For this reason we are sure that when you consider the potential risk you will agree that it makes sense to have your roofing cleaned and inspected. After we have carried out the work you will have a five year guarantee and the peace of mind that you will not have any unexpected roofing problems 

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