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Domestic Asphalt & Bituminous Felt

For your home Bituminous Roofing Felt Roofs are a traditional covering method for covering flats roofs and they are highly economic to install .The types of coverings we supply are very durable 2 Ply systems and we provide a 15 year guarantee on new roofs.(Please note our guarantees are not insurance backed) 

 Over the last few years the quality of the materials available from manufacturers has improved greatly and provided the roof is long lasting if installed correctly

Often we see such roofs which have been installed by other companies and have failed within very short periods, often less than five years. However upon inspection we discovered that in every case the reason was that the roof had been installed in an inferior way and so had failed. This is why we are sure you will agree it is better to have your roof installed by a well known established roofing company such as Pioneer Roofing 

With Pioneer Roofing we are meticulous in the way we fit these kinds of roofs and we know all our roofs outlast by many times the work carried out by less skilled and experienced companies.  We are so confident of the quality of our work that we give a  warranty on all our work so you can be assured that you will never have any problems with your roof.

With our experience of Asphalt and Bituminous roofing when we undertake this work you will know that it will be carried out to the highest standards and using the latest and best quality materials. 

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