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Pitched Roofs

Hertfordshire Pitched Roofing Contractors

Pitched Roofs are very reliable and can last for many generations and are a traditional part of our English towns and villages

However they do eventually need to be replaced or re tiled. This  is an ideal time for us to improve the roof by replacing the membrane which goes under the tiles to provide a better and more watertight roof  coverings.

Often the tiles themselves do not need to be replaced and the tiles simply need removing and a new membrane. However it is vital that the work is carried out correctly meeting current building regulations. The risk you take by not using a very well established and experienced roofer is that the an inexperienced roofer may not take account of the ventilation of the roofing void and condensation may take place and rot the roofing timbers. 

Pioneer Roofing are fully aware of the correct way to replace pitched roofs and because we have been established locally for thirty years you have the peace of mind of mind of knowing that  that the work is undertaken correctly.

Should your roof require new tiles we advise you and provide samples which will look in keeping with your home. Because we have worked within the area so long we can also advise you if there are any particular tiles which should be used in any conservation area or upon listed buildings

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