When you have roofing work carried out you are sure to agree that the most important thing is that the work is carried out to the highest standards by honest people who have been well trained in the materials to be used.

Also it is important to consider how reliable your roofing contractor is. You need a well established local company who will be here to support you not only today but in the future.

Pioneer Roofing and Cladding has been in business for over thirty years serving the local community, and so you will be reassured to know that our promise to you will be valid in the future. Our Guarantees are written and are unparalleled. (Please note that our guarantees are not insurance backed) 

20 Years for UPVC Fascias

15 Years for Flat Roofing

20 Years for EPDM Flat Roofs

20 Years for Industrial Roofs

5 Years for Roof Cleaning